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Persy Rosin is the ultimate solvent-less extract that fuels the senses with excellent and definable terpene profiles and a clean and quick systemic high. The consistency is almost crystal clear and is incredible easy to maneuver. … Live Rosin is high in THC and its consistency runs from flaky to gooey.Persy R is made by pressing only the finest spectrum of Water Hash – 90u – from the first wash, refined using only heat and pressure to create a flavorful and easy-to-consume oil. Persy means personal, and like your personal stash, you save the best for that special moment. T… (Read More)

As mentioned briefly in our previous “Solventless” post, there are two main types of rosin. Flower Rosin and Hash Rosin. We focus specifically on Hash Rosin at 710labs. One day we may bring you a flower rosin product but for now let’s stick with Hash Rosin, which is a further refined product of Water Hash.

What is Persy resin

A refinement process that presses the cannabis (hash or flower, all good) between two heated, metal plates. Done just right, the results are gorgeous golden or white oil butter.

How do we store live resin

Should be stored in a fridge (35°-50°F) for short term. Should be stored in a freezer (30°F or below) for long term.

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    Delivery was good my friend and i also got the gift you included.

    thank you buddy

  2. Scott

    Touchdown 🫡

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