Kraken C-Liquid

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1 x 10ml Bottle

Kraken C-Liquid

This is the bomb, amazing new Kraken vape juice that has a fantastic formula that’ll blow your socks off

Anywhere you can vape you can enjoy the effects of our new blend, Kraken. It’s the smoothest and strongest that we have and we are always tinkering to make it better.

Fly-High Factor

  • Strength * * * * *
  • Long-lasting * * * *
  • Energy * * * *
  • Empathy * *
  • Euphoria * * * *
  • Trippy * * * * *
  • Chill out * * * * *

Kraken C-Liquid

The Kraken C-Liquid

The Kraken vape juice is an exclusive brand to Vape and Juice. Featuring a range of 5 delicious flavours you will certainly fall in love with these all-day vape juices. If you’re a fan of flavour profiles such as cherry and aniseed or absinthe and lime, then The Kraken eliquid is worth trying. We recommend “The Purple” one of our customer favourites for big flavour and big clouds.

Exclusive Vape Juices

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2 reviews for Kraken C-Liquid

  1. JC

    I am happy i finally got a reliable place to order this.
    thank you for the communication and the fast delivery.
    looking forward to do more business with you guys…..

  2. Reh

    I just got this in the mail today and oh boy, the flavor is definitely on the fruitier than flowery side but it tastes SOOOO GOOD. It’ll give you an instant head feeling but I still feel this could be a nice blend for work.

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