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Our Magic Boom Bars will lead you into the cosmic realm. In the entire universe, Our Magic Boom galaxy is the place we call home. The Magic Boom Bar uplifts your mood and thoughts out of uncertainties , bringing you to clarity and light. Once more as we stay grounded on our planet, we gaze up at the stars only to wonder what else is out there. When we look up into space on a clear night we see star light that travelled thousands of light years to reach us this is the feeling you’ll get each time consume this shroom chocolate bar. We also have a wide range of different shroom chocolate bars in our inventory such as the Polkadot Chocolate and the Trippy Flip Chocolate Bars .

Buy Magic Boom Bar

Buy Magic Boom Bar To begin with ,Magic Boom Chocolate Bars contain 8 grams of magic mushrooms divided between 8pieces. Again each piece contains 1 gram of Magic mushrooms. Our Magic Boom Bars are are great for a trip alone or to share with friends. Also our expert team suggests  cutting each piece in half (500mg) for first time users who may want to start slow. Further more Magic Boom Chocolate Bars are designed to supply the individual with their preferred custom dose whatever the occasion may be. This is the perfect bar for a day off with no agenda.


2 reviews for Buy Magic Boom Bar

  1. carasco

    Quick response The shipping Item is perfect”
    Delivery was fast and i was surprised but am happy.
    thank you.

  2. zando

    The pieces are actually quite big, I broke one in half the first time. I only like to take enough to help with the pain, one piece ended up being perfect.

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