Baskin Robins Live Resin

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Baskin Robins Live Resin stands out in several ways beyond our sight and smell. Primarily, it can be considered a step above the rest of the pack of concentrates made with solvents. Live resin serves as one of the best reasons to extract using fresh frozen flower when using hydrocarbon processing. The process helps retain the natural terpenes lost during the cultivation and extraction process used by numerous other popular concentrates on the market that use dried, cured cannabis instead. 

Using fresh frozen flower allows live resin to provide consumers with a product that retains significantly more of its original terpene profile. It’s typically well above any other solvent-based extracts that use dried-and-cured source material, giving it the upper hand when comparing live resin vs. non-live hydrocarbon options. The naturally retained terpenes in live resin tend to create a more enjoyable consumption experience than other solvent-based products that are often made with lower quality source material, or are blended with non-single source terpenes or distillate. Live resin helps provide more of the natural full-plant experience, which many proponents believe is the optimal way to experience a cultivar’s true effects. 

A significant selling point to the live resin full-plant experience is its potency. Like other extracted items, live resin helps increase the strength of a cannabis product well above flower. Depending on its source material and production process, live resin’s THC percentage can reach between 65% and 95%. Baskin Robins Live Resin

Baskin Robins Live Resin


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5 reviews for Baskin Robins Live Resin

  1. brown

    Love the way my body and was feeling after taking a dab out of this resin…it was amazing

  2. hakeem

    My order got here quick.Im very pleased with the quality like always.Appeciate the team im fucking with you for life

  3. C J

    Thanks for keeping it real man
    My shit came through
    Appreciate so much

  4. BLECK

    This flavor real hits I’m enjoying it
    Thanks for my package
    I appreciate your loyalty

  5. demas

    Very satisfied of the product for the price

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