Authentic Nerds Live Resin

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Authentic Nerds Live Resin

Why Is It Called Live Resin?

Live resin is named thus because it allows cannabis enthusiasts to experience the essence of the cannabis flower. The “live” portion is because of how live resin is processed (we’ll talk about that next). The “resin” portion is another way of describing the trichomes that contain cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.Authentic Nerds Live Resin

How Live Resin Is Made

Live resin is uniquely produced by harvesting live cannabis plants and immediately placing them into a freezer. However, this isn’t any ol’ freezer – it’s a professional-grade unit that’s capable of -23 °C.

Once frozen, the flowers are processed by a solvent, such as butane. The extract is processed in a closed-loop extraction chamber to ensure that all residual solvents are removed. After filtering the extract multiple times, manufacturers are left with live resin.

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Shatter is produced similarly to live resin; however, it does not undergo the deep-freeze process. Shatter is produced by processing already cured marijuana flowers and trim. All residual solvent is removed, and manufacturers are left with thick golden slabs on shatter.

Terpene Concentration

The primary difference between live resin and shatter is the terpene concentration. Live resin is meant for “terpene connoisseurs” because it exhibits sky-high levels of aromatic compounds. Packed to the brim with myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, and more, live resin is the number one pick for those that put flavor above all else.

THC Concentration

Shatter, on the other hand, contains a far higher concentration of THC. Shatter sacrifices a large portion of terpenes, and in return, receives a high level of stability and potency. Although live resin can post potent THC levels, it cannot compete with shatter.

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